Sarine Arslanian is a social-minded storyteller, writer, film director, visual anthropologist, traveller, photographer, lover of life, and reiki practitioner. She is passionate about people, arts and culture, community development, holistic healing, indigenous wisdom, yoga and meditation, and transformative travel.

Sarine Arslanian

Sarine Arslanian is a semi-nomadic, social-minded and multi-platform storyteller — in other words, a writer, film director, photographer and visual anthropologist — who believes in the power of stories to challenge mentalities, move to take action, bridge gaps, heal and inspire. Her work explores who we are in this world and how we connect with one another and the natural environment.

Sarine is also a Reiki practitioner, a lover of life and the co-founder of PATMI; a cultural NGO working to preserve and promote the local folklore and oral history of Armenian villages by collecting people’s stories and turning them into murals in a space of cultural exchange.

She is fluent in English, French and Armenian, as well as proficient in Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Countries she has lived in before include Belgium, the UK, Rwanda, Indonesia, Guatemala and Armenia. She has studied Development Studies at Cambridge, Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology at Kent and Filmmaking at Raindance. She is available for assignments worldwide.